The Parish of Barbourne St Stephen Praising God & Serving the Community
The Parish of Barbourne St StephenPraising God & Serving the Community

Contact us at:


St. Stephen's Church

St. Stephen's Street

Worcester WR3 7HS


Please note that these are all personal phone numbers.  

There is no phone in the church.

Reverend Andy Todd           


Tel: 07806892165  



Geoff Hill,


Tel: 01905 453312


Michelle Walsh

Parish Administrator 
Tel: 07961 097497  






Sunday 23rd February - Next Sunday before Lent


Worcester Foodbank

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During January the Foodbank served 694 people. There is a new February shopping list in the porch. At the moment they are running low on UHT milk and fruit juice. 


Copies of the full list can be found in the donation box or the porch. Please no food that needs refrigerating as the Foodbank can't accept it. The Foodbank are also grateful for money donations as this helps towards the rent and allows them to go and buy essentials if they run out of something. They will also accept clean children's clothes. Thank you for your continued support of local people in crisis.


A Better Way to Give Regularly to the Church

The Church of England has introduced a new Parish Giving Scheme (PGS), administered by a charity controlled by various Dioceses and based in Gloucester. The new scheme should be a win-win situation – better for givers, and better for the church. We are asking for a few people to sign-up initially, before we encourage more general take-up.

PGS collect regular donations on the First of the month by Direct Debit, and then on a monthly basis recover the associated Gift Aid if appropriate. The monies are paid over in full and the Diocese covers the cost.

The intention is to reduce the amount of administrative work done within the Parish. At present we have to record 81 standing orders each month and then complete a HMCE form to recover Gift Aid every quarter.

The Treasurer has set up his own payment with PGS and reports that it has run smoothly on the first two monthly payments PGS have collected!


There is a small supply of booklets at the back of Church. If you want to know more, speak to Andy or Richard Hemmings, or look at PGS’s website:


Confirmations 2020. At Confirmation, those who have been christened or baptised as children give public assent to the faith into which they were baptised, and are admitted to receive Holy Communion.  As usual, there is an opportunity to be confirmed this year, with a series of preparation classes (not as scary as that might sound!).  If you have not been confirmed, please do consider it: have a chat with Andy to find out more.

What is God saying to us as a Church? 

How would He like us to be involved in His work of building the Kingdom?

It’s not always easy to know how to hear God’s voice, but one of the ways we can try to do just that is by listening to one another – our hopes and dreams. During Lent and beyond that is exactly what we are going be doing. We are organising a series of relaxed “Coffee-and-Chat” sessions, for half a dozen people at a time, to give you an opportunity to talk and listen to others about St Stephen’s. Everyone with an interest in the life of the church is welcome to attend one of these. They will also be an excellent opportunity to meet people! Please make sure you take a letter, and respond asap. We are also looking for volunteers to host a couple of these small groups at their homes, and facilitators to help make sure we get the most out of the discussions. Training will be provided, so no need to be shy or nervous! Please speak to Andy today, or text/email him if you are interested:

(07806 892165 /


World Day of Prayer 

This year the service has been written by the women of Zimbabwe.  A combined service for the churches of St George, St Stephen, Ombersley Road Methodist Church and Claines is being held on Friday 6st March 2020 at Claines church commencing at 2.0 followed by refreshments. All welcome.


Calling Musicians!
It was lovely to be accompianied by some additional musicians during oir 3rd Sunday Service last month. If you have been hiding your musical light undera bushel, please be inspired by thier example - and ask about joining in, whether ona a 3rd Sunday or another Sunday. Vocalists also very welcome, eve if you cannot join the choir every week.


Tea and Coffee Rota
Many thanks to everyone who helps with serving teas and coffees after the main Sunday Service. We are currently producing the rota for April onwards.  If you would like to consider joining us to serve refreshments about once every eight weeks, please have a word with Ruth or Pete Scotson . We would love to hear from you!


Christian Aid

Many thanks to everyone who contributed so generously to help the work of Christian Aid.  We raised a wonderful £445 from the lunch and donations. An amazing total, thank you all, Margaret.




10am Family Communion Service - 23rd February 

Opening Hymn: 602 Praise, my soul, the king of heaven

Readings: Exodus 24.12-End     Viv Todd 

      2 Peter 1.16-21          Judy Hood


Gradual Hymn: 259 Holy, holy, holy! Lord God almighty


Gospel Reading:  Matthew 17.1-9




IntercessionsJudy Hood 

Offertory Hymn:  At this table we remember (Tune - Love divine) See Pew Sheet.


Communion Hymns: Broken for me 

487 Meekness and majesty

666 Spirit of the living God

822 You are the King of Glory


Final Hymn: 37 Alleluia, sing to Jesus




Young Disciples meet in the BA Hall at 10.00-10.40am.

It will be open to all  4-16 year olds in the community,

not just children whose parents are attending the church service.



Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are served in the hall following the service. 

Why not come in for a drink and a chat.  It’s a chance to get to know everyone. 




Services this coming week.


          Today       6.30pm - Celtic Communion @ St Georges


          Tuesday   9.00am - Holy Communion


       Ash Wednesday   7.30pm - Holy Communion with the Impositon of Ashes


          Thursday 10.00am - Holy Communion                                                                                     

                           11.30am - Prayers of Intercession in



Good Companions

Next meeting - Monday 17th Feb (Half Term) 1.00pm - Lunch in hall: Soup, cheese and crumble with custard. Follwed by talk. (Please book).



Parish Office is open, in church, on the first and third Saturday morning of each month

from 10.00am to 11.30am for the booking of baptisms, weddings, calling of banns and other enquiries.        




























































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