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At home services

Easter 7

Here is our weekly At Home service.  This week we are celebrating Jesus' Ascension, and preparing for Pentecost.

I have attached 2 versions. One is the 'normal' version, complete with pictures etc. The other is a slimmed-down "Print-Friendly" format, in smaller font and without the pictures.  Entirely up to you which version you would prefer to use. The file name should make clear which is which.


Wishing you God's blessing.

Easter 7
Home Service Easter 7.pdf
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Easter 7 (Print Friendly)
Print Friendly Home Service Easter 7.pdf
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Easter 6

Easter 6
Home Service Easter 6.pdf
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Easter 5

Easter 5
Home Service Easter 5.pdf
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VE day service


Dear All
I know that many of you will be marking VE day in different ways - some of them very ingenious!  Amidst the bunting, the tea parties, and the We'll-Meet-Agains, there is an opportunity to give thanks to God for the peace we enjoy, and to that end I attach a simple and short act of thanks and remembrance which you are very welcome to say At Home, or together with neighbours (appropriately distanced, of course!).
VE day
At Home Service for VE Day.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [797.2 KB]

Sunday service - Easter 4


Welcome to another instalmentof the St Stephen's At Home Service - which is the same format as we will be using on Zoom at 10am tomorrow - and the weekly "Something Different" email.
I'd also like to mention the Food Bank. You may have seen on the News the amazing work being done by Food Banks nationwide.
During the first 3 weeks of April Worcester Foodbank fed almost 900 hungry people - up more than 80% on the previous year. Coronavirus is allowing poverty to deepen its roots in our city. Here is the link to their website, which includes on the front page details of how to support them and the people they help:
May God bless you in the week ahead.
Easter 4
Home Service Easter 4.pdf
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Sunday service - Easter 3


Here is this week's At Home service, focusing on the wonderful story of the Road to Emmaus. 
Two additional things to mention:
Firstly - NEXT WEEK as well as sending you the At Home service as a document, we will be using it for a Zoom service at 10am on Sunday (3rd May).  Some of you may be very familiar with Zoom already, but I know some of you may not. In essence, Zoom allows a group of people to see and hear each other as a group over the internet (you can also dial in by phone, but that is not free). It will NOT require you to say or do anything particular: you can simply listen & observe if you prefer - and wave to your friends!  During the coming week I will send out a couple of emails with what I hope you will find to be very clear instructions. 
Secondly - I have had a few questions about how the church is doing financially during the current crisis, so I attach a short update on that on behalf of the PCC.
I continue to pray for your safekeeping, but also that you will not simply survive but grow into a deeper understanding of God's closeness to and care for you.
Easter 3
Home Service Easter 3.pdf
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Letter re Finances
Letter re Finances April 2020.pdf
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Sunday service - Easter 2 


It's hard to believe that Easter Sunday was almost a week ago now!

The time after Easter can be something of an anti-climax, not least when it brings a change in the weather (although the keen gardeners among us will be appreciating that).  So I hope you will enjoy this next 'At Home' service for Sunday. In these weeks, we travel through a series of encounters with the Risen Christ: this week, the focus is on the apostle Thomas.  As usual, it is great to use the service on Sunday morning, and know that others are doing the same.
And once again a massive thank you to Dot Hodgkiss for the 'Something Different' collection of resources, which this week remembers especially the life of Corrie Ten Boom - a household name in my family when I was growing up.  As Dot says, please do send me any links/stories/prayers or anything else you feel might be an encouragement to others: it's one very practical way of expressing your care.
Speaking of practical ways of helping in these times, a special 'thank you' to all those who helped with the stitching of scrubs for NHS staff. It turned out to be quite a complex job, but you should be as proud of your efforts as the hospital staff were grateful for them!
Service - Easter 2
Home Service Easter 2.pdf
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